Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter (Letter and Customised Map)

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Official “Harry Potter merchandise” – licensed by Warner Bros, USA.
Customisation: After placing the order, contact us via the contact seller option, with the following details: 

For the envelope, 1. Plz send the address in a similar fashion as the movie: 
Line 1:____ (Ex: Mr. H Potter,) 
Line 2:____ (Ex: The cupboard under the stairs,) 
Line 3:____ (Ex: 4, privet drive,) 
Line 4:____ (Ex: Little Whinging,) 
Line 5:____ (Ex: Surrey.) 
Please keep it to 5 lines for best appearance. The address here is not the postal address, hence you can have it as you like with your own custom way of mentioning the address. 

2. Salutation to the letter: Dear Mr/Ms Name (Ex: Dear Mr. Potter) 

Vendor: Epic Stuff


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