About Us

After having traveled to New York city and drooling over the feel of the lower East side and particularly Williams-burg, I got the ‘hipster’ in me to jump out and take over… !! Trips to Camden Town – market in London had the same vibe and a few underground bars in Sydney really made me feel our Brand obsession was out of sync with the ever-evolving belief of whats ‘in’ and every time I came back home, I felt that ‘cool’ in India needed to be redefined. Fun stuff which wasn’t exactly like the usual flea market junk but more like this ‘designer – hipster’ flea market vibe was missing. That kind of ‘hipster -cool’ – wicked stuff abroad was just not available here. This little fascination led me to create The Epicstuff – Store. Its an extension of our Original Comic strip and now with our own line of merchandise we hope to redefine The ‘Urban Hipster’. We’d appreciate Your support for our team to make a small watermark with our designs on Indian Pop-Culture.

– Epic Stuff